The Republicans together with the Democrats are eager to pass a revolutionary bill that would legalize same sex marriage. The bill seeks to repeal the 1996 defense Act of marriage right signed by President Clinton. The defense act affirmed that marriage is a union between man and woman and permitted states the right to deny same sex marriage granted in other states.

Picture: United States Capitol


According to the Senate democrats, the bill referred to as the “Respect for marriage Act is said to provide freedom for individuals to choose any suitor despite sex, gender, race, ethnicity, or national origin. What makes this bill controversial is that it prevents anyone under the law from refusing to accept this kind of marriage including churches.


A number of religious institutions have warned that the bill only seeks to impose same sex marriages on churches and limit its ability to refuse. On the flip side a number of conservative groups, such as the church of Jesus Christ Latter day Saint and the council for Christian colleges and universities have thrown their weight behind the bill.

Picture: LGBTQIA+ flag


The Council for Christian Colleges and university (CCCU) president, Shirley Hoogstra says the bill is called the “carefully crafted” bill. This is because it cannot be used by states and federal to punish religious organizations for their beliefs. In contrast, Senator James stated that the bill would cause damage to faith based groups and therefore must be amended


The president of the United States of America, Joe Biden in response to the bill has promised to sign it once it is passed. He added that ‘love is love’ and that Americans can choose whoever they want to marry. They are expected to cast their votes latest by the end of November.