"It got to a point where my friends and I stole from the offering bowl to drink and smoke"-Nii Addo Addo.


American based Gospel minister Nii Addo Addo revealed on 'BREAKOUT' that despite the fact that he was brought up in the Presbyterian church, his love for the desires of the flesh, especially marijuana, was exceptionally high.


The Anointed Worship Leader said, to be easily found in his local community in his youthful days, you only needed to use his chronic smoking habit. He quickly mentioned though that in spite of his bad attitude, he had the work of God at heart -  he was still regular at church, even if it was just to have fun.

He further intimated that his attitude was so bad he was one time suspended from the Presbyterian church for misbehaving. Nii Addo further stated that he was entangled in all sorts of bad behavior  because of peer pressure, and the love to taste and see what the world had for him.

Fifi: So why did you allow peer pressure to engulf you that way?

Nii Addo: peer-presure - everyone was doing it so i also wanted to give it a try.  A certain strength of character is needed to influence someone who is addicted to a bad bahaviour; if you are not strong and you try it, they would rather pull you to their side.   The moment you get into it, it becomes difficult to come out and gradually it becomes part of you.


Speaking more on his love for church, he alluded to the fact that he would even sometimes minister under 99% alcohol or weed influence:

"There was one time I led praise in church under 99% alcohol influence. After the service, a pastor approached me and said all I did was entertain them and not minister.

That was when my transformation began. The Pastor's words drove me to start a Youth Club in my neighbourhood, which I called 'Anointed Youth Club'. Although this club was mainly for communal purposes, God used it to transform some of my friends and I.

He further added that he almost jumped from the 6th floor of a building under the influence of drugs, but an unknown voice whispered to him to stop. The fascinating part of Nii Addo's story is that he was taught how to smoke by his uncle.


Minister Nii Addo narrated his transformational life story in an interview on The Gospel Drive Online with Fifi Folson on Kristocentric station.

According to the Minister, he almost went insane one day after returning from his usual weed joint but was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he received treatment.


How he ended up in jail only 3days after arriving  in America is not what you might think.





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