A 23 year- old -final year student, Aminu Adamu Mohammed has been released following his arrest by the police over tarnishing the image of the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari in a tweet.

Picture: Aminu Mohammed (left) & Aisha Buhari (right)


Aminu who is currently studying at the Federal University of Dutse, Nigeria, commented on a picture the first lady posted on her twitter account accusing her of embezzling the funds of the masses to satisfy herself.  The tweet which went viral, drew reactions from several Nigerians with many commenting profusely and sharing photos comparing the first lady’s body stature before and after she assumed her role. This enraged the first lady, causing her to press charges against Aminu on the grounds of defamation.


According to the court documents, his comments of the first lady’ picture on Twitter was an intention to accuse her of corruption. If left for the due judicial process to take place, he would have faced up to two years in prison, according to Nigeria’s penal code, sections 391 to 395.  It states that“whoever defames another shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend two years or a fine or both”.

Picture: Social Media for justice


Following his arrest, a number of students groups have called for a demonstration to protest against his detention including  Amnesty International. They urged the authorities to release him, reporting that he had faced several physical attacks including beatings, torture, and other ill-treatment. Amnesty added that the heavy mistreatment of this student was meant to strike fear into the hearts of the youth who use social media as tool to hold the elite accountable.


Aminu was to be remanded in custody until January, however he was released after the first lady dropped all charges raised against him on compassionate grounds. Following his release, he has issue a public apology to the first lady via Twitter and vowed to change for the better.


The Bible in Proverbs 13;3 explains the consequences that come with the words believers utter. It urges believers to guard their mouths to preserve their lives and save them from self-destruction. Words are powerful, they can either make or unmake a person, and it is the will of GOD for every believer to thrive and live in peace but the opposite may happen when words are used carelessly. It is not just physical words but words used on all  platforms where interactions take place. A Christians words are to soothe, bring healing and instruct. Anything outside this must be avoided at all cost.

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