I was last from KG to SHS- Minister Jojo Lawson shares the story of his life before finding purpose in Christ.


United Kingdom based Ghanaian gospel artiste, Minister Jojo Immanuel Lawson, has shared how he was a perpetual failure in school growing up until he discovered a desire for singing which led him to become a Minister of the gospel. 

Minister Jojo Lawson revealed that he was always among the very least in his class academically. According to him, he struggled with school and  was always at the bottom of his class - in a class of 50 students he would either take the 38th or 49th position. This made him change schools but that made no difference. Eventually, he made up his mind to go into singing and preaching the gospel.

Jojo narrated his story in an interview with Fifi Folson on Kristocentric Station during the Gospel Drive Online.


“I grew up in Accra-Ghana and I was always the last in school from Kindergarten to Senior High School. I attended St. Theresa’s school and anyone who knows me knows that if we are 50 in a class I will be at position number 38 or 49. At a point in time all I wanted to do was to sing and preach the gospel; so I joined a group called the Commissioned Family and became their drummer” Minister Jojo Lawson stated. 

He also said that due to his poor family background no one wanted to associate with him which made him emotional at a point in time but that drew him closer to God.

“I grew up in a very poor home so no one wanted to be friends with me,  which gave me a lot of time by myself which I spent in church …..... I mean it was just emotional”

Minister Jojo shockingly revealed that the first time he sang in church he was booed because he had a horrible voice. But his life turned around when one day he  encountered the prayer room.

“ I went to pray one day and after I came out of the prayer room I met a gentleman and a lady, who told me they were getting married and wanted me to sing at their wedding.  I objected to their offer simply because the church had booed me just a few days ago. The to-be couple insisted that I’m the only singer they want at their wedding. So I took a step of faith and that was the turning point in my life."



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