A Washington, D.C. pastor recently warned about the signs of lukewarm Christianity, stressing the dangers of having a "comfortable" faith. Executive Pastor Kevin Nderitu of The District Church preached a sermon about the first-century church of Laodicea. He believes that many Christians today act in similar ways to that church, a community that was blessed in various ways and susceptible to forgetting their need for regular communion with God through prayer, church, and Bible reading.


In Revelation 3:14-15, Jesus addresses the Laodicean church, calling them lukewarm believers based on their lack of dedication to their Christian beliefs. 

Picture: Pastor Kevin Nderitu


The pastor explained that when someone is "spiritually hot," they make God the center focus of their lives but when someone is "cold spiritually," they have abandoned the faith. Being a "lukewarm Christian" means leading a slightly approvable life to God, according to Nderitu, but not being fully dedicated to God because things of the world have stolen their focus. 


"Water that is too hot can have a permanent effect on your body. It can forever change your skin. Cold water can also have an effect. Lukewarm water is neither here nor there. There is little to no impact. It's room temperature," Nderitu said. This is however the state most believers find themselves in now.